NEW Arctic Military Issue GEN III Level 7 ECWCS Extreme Cold Weather Pants Trousers (Medium Regular)

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NEW Arctic Military Issue GEN III Level 7 ECWCS Extreme Cold Weather Pants Trousers (Medium Regular)
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Military NSN:8415-01-538-6695
MSRP: $335.30
GEN III Extreme Cold Weather Trousers Only - Urban Grey - ECWCS Level 7
The GEN III ECWCS Extreme Cold Weather Parka and Trousers are designed for use during static operations in extreme cold, dry conditions.  Constructed with an outer shell fabric that has a water resistant finish and with PrimaLoft® Sport Thermal bonded high-loft insulation, Level VII is highly durable and breathable. The Extreme Cold Weather Parka and Trousers provide protection and warmth from the elements in cold conditions during static operations maintaining warmth even when wet.
The next generation U.S. Army Extended Climate Warfighter Clothing System.
Whether training at home or abroad or operating in theater, our nation's warfighters are exposed to a broad spectrum of extreme environmental conditions - from warm, dry, or wet weather at 60 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, to extreme cold weather in excess of minus 40 degrees.
GEN III ECWCS is a radical re-design of previous generation ECWCS for the U.S. Army. No longer just a Cold Weather Clothing System, the third generation ECWCS has been transformed into an Extended Climate Warfigher Clothing System that enhances soldier survivability across broad climate ranges.
GEN III ECWCS Changes the Way the American Soldier Operates - in Any Environment
The complete system features seven levels of protection to provide the broadest range of defense from unpredictable environmental conditions. Technically advanced proprietary materials and construction combine with cutting edge garment design to allow the soldier to train, operate and sustain combat operations in a broad climate range, extending their ability to take the fight to the enemy - anywhere!
  • NEW!
  • Military Issue U.S.G.I. The GEN III ECWCS Extreme Cold Weather Parka and Trousers
  • Highly Durable and Breathable
  • Water Reistant Outer Shell and PrimaLoft Sport Thermal Bonded High-Loft Insulation
  • Maintains Warmth Even When Wet
  • Thongs on Zippers for Ease of Use When Wearing Gloves
  • Zippered Fly Opening
  • Nylon Reinforced Knees
  • Full-Length Side Zipper Openings
  • Elastic Waist with Provisions for Suspenders
  • Level 7 ECWCS - Extended/Extreme Cold Weather Clothing System
  • Increased Warmth with Significantly Less Weight than Previous Generation ECWCS
  • Color: Urban Grey
  • NSN:8415-01-538-6695
  • Made In The U.S.A.

How Does PrimaLoft® Sport Work?

  • Breathable & Fast Drying: PrimaLoft’s fast drying properties and breathability make it the insulation of choice for any extreme condition.
  • Water Resistant: PrimaLoft Sport has been proven less water absorbing and warmer when wet or dry than competitive insulation.
  • Lightweight & Compressible: The incredibly thin multi-diameter fibers give PrimaLoft Sport the soft, down-like feel that helps retain body warmth while being lightweight and compressible.
  • Thermally Efficient: PrimaLoft’s patented multi-diameter fibers won’t absorb water so you’ll stay warm even when wet.

GEN III Level VII is the outer most layer of insulation for the ECWCS clothing system. Designed for protection in static operations, Level VII should be used in extreme cold and dry conditions. Level VII clothing consists of an ECWCS parka and trousers made from PrimaLoft Sport thermal bonded high-loft insulation to be durable and breathable. With less bulk than previous ECWCS systems, the GEN III Level VII is fast drying and keeps the wearer warm when the material is wet.


  • A Complete System: Seven levels to address a broad climate range from -40°F to +60°F
  • Lighter: 25% Lighter than previous generation ECWCS Less Bulk 30% less bulk than previous generation ECWCS
  • Expanded: Four additional levels compared to previous generation ECWCS
  • Flexible: All seven levels function as a dynamic system to meet personal climate tolerances
  • Improved Sizing: Innovative garment design with sizing logic for optimal fit when layering
  • Stealthy: Exceptionally quiet for added stealth with integrated Near Infrared Textile Technology (NIR)
  • Integrated: Seamless integration with load carriage and body armor
  • Innovative: Technically advanced proprietary materials, garment design and construction

NSN Stock Numbers For Sizes:

  • Medium / Regular Jacket NSN: 8415-01-538-6289
  • Medium / Regular – Pant NSN: 8415-01-538-6695
  • Large / LongJacket NSN: 8415-01-538-6308
  • Large / Long – Pant NSN: 8415-01-538-6706
  • X-large / Long – Jacket NSN: 8415-01-538-6300
  • X-Large / Long – Pants NSN:8415-01-538-6704

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